Simple Serverside Examples
A normal page without template example
A normal page with template example
A page causing an internal error example
Page which raises HTTP example
Page with a redirect example
Page with parameters example
Page with query string example
Page with a postback example
Fixtues: Flash
A page with a flash (clientside only) example
A page with a flash (with redirect and fixture) example
Fixtues: Session
A page with a counter example
A page using yatl helpers example
Generic REST API example
Json RPC Client/Server example
Internationalization and Pluralization
A page using internationalization (try set browser to italian) example
A page using pluralization (try set browser to italian) example
A page embedding a py4web component via ajax (no Vue) example
A page with a create form example
A page with an update form example
A page with mutiple forms example
A page with a custom styled form example
A form with tags_input widget example
A page with form using hCaptcha example
Grid (no vue.js)
A page with an serverside pure html grid example
Grid (requires Vue.js)
A page with an ajax powered grid example
A page embedding multiple auth forms example
Examples of custom Vue components (advanced)
Sample Vue.js client-side grid. example
Javascript file uploader. example
Insertion form in Vue. example
Update form in Vue. example
View form in Vue. example
Grid + Forms in Vue. example
Star rating component in Vue; example of component instantiation from Vue. example
Websockets Examples
A page using websockets ws
A page using websockets with socketio socketio